The Tanora Sand Bag

Premium raffia. Clean lines in summer colours for sun-drenched days. Clutch included.

December 19, 2017

The Sand Bag has been nominated as a finalist in the handmade category for The Gift & Life Instyle Awards (GALA) 2018.

From Tanora's Resort Collection, the Sand Bag is the culmination of refined, minimalist design and beautiful materials crafted traditionally by way of weaving raffia on a hand loom. The Sand Bag dares to challenge classical raffia design with a rigid, wide-mouth, flat-foldable form in a series of irresistible summer flavours using only natural and sustainable materials. 

The crafting process of each bag involves the collection, dying, drying, and weaving of the raffia, cutting, and assembling the cotton lining and leather handles. It takes no less than ten days to realise each individual piece.

The Sand Bag is made of four materials, consisting of: rabane (hand-woven raffia), genuine leather handles, 100% cotton lining, and a real decorative coconut piece.

The interior cotton lining hides two wall pockets. The clutch is a refined two-part flat angular design made from raffia and is included with every purchase.

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