The KIAZO Planter - Comes in 2 sizes.

A planter which can also be used as a storage basket, KIAZO small or large, will enhance your indoor plant display with contemporary, clean lines. KIAZO can also be used to keep your workspace tidy - wherever you need to keep those smaller items organised and easy to find. 

- Adjustable height and stiffness by rolling the top part.
- KIAZO is not watertight but can get wet, however it needs to be able to dry properly. 

Sizing Guide :  Small: Diam 15cm x H 15cm / Large: Diam 25cm x H 25cm

Craft technique: Crochet | 2 to 3 days

TANORA collections are all designed in Sydney then handcrafted from scratch in our family workshop in Madagascar. 

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