Can I clean raffia? YES

Raffia is water-resistant; it can be wet without changing the integrity of the fibre. With a bit of gentleness, you can hand-wash it using natural detergents. Please avoid any chemical cleaners as they may stain the raffia and cause discolouration. Rinse well under clear water and always allow to air-dry thoroughly.


  • sometimes, just a quick spot clean using a damp cloth will suffice.
  • in the case of a greasy stain, soak in warm soapy water before rubbing with a soft sponge. Rinse well and again; always allow to air-dry thoroughly.


Can I pack my raffia hat? YES

Raffia is flexible; it can be folded without breaking the fibre.
The round crown hats ( Loa, Beloa, Satroka ) can be rolled or folded. They will bounce back into shape once you wear them. 

We recommend protecting the V shape for the fedora hat, which gives its look. Stuff it with soft, small garments, then start packing around it. 


  • in the case of an unwanted fold, simply steam iron it by placing a damp cloth between the raffia and your domestic iron on maximum heat.  


Can I make the brim of my raffia hat stiffer? YES

Raffia is a natural fibre; it reacts to its environment and can be controlled. On a warm day, it might be floppier than on cooler weather. You can have a stiffer brim by spraying ironing starch on the inside & outside of the brim, then finish by letting the hat dry properly out of direct sunlight. 


What is the difference between Natural and Tea colours? 

The Natural colour is the lighter colour. On the natural colour, the raffia has only been washed. It is the natural state of the fibre. 

The Tea colour is slightly darker. We dye the raffia with tea to give it a more "caramel" colour. 

Both colours are earthy and would match any outfit or interior.

In the picture below, the Natural colour is on the left and the Tea colour is on the right.


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