The LAFIKE rug is a gorgeous statement piece that is also easy to integrate in most decor styles thanks to its neutral tones. The hero of a modern and sustainable home. 

The natural wax of the raffia fibre makes LAFIKE soft underfoot and durable. In contrast with jute or sisal rug which tends to unravel/fluff quickly, raffia rugs can easily last decades with a 20 minutes yearly maintenance. 

This timeless circular rug has been hand-braided using sustainably pruned raffia from the region Mahajanga, Madagascar. That is where the highest grade of raffia originate from. This place is special to us as it is where TANORA's founders grew up and where our reforestation partner, Eden, operates.

Useful tips: Double the life span of the rug by flipping it.

Craft technique: Flat braids | 10 to 20 days


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